Please be advised that for the safety of our staff and students the Academy for Musical Theatre will be requiring proof of full vaccination for all participants for the Summer 2022 workshops. 

We have health concerns as a small family business working with children in close quarters all singing and dancing together, not just for our own personal health (though we do have vulnerable people in our family), but also for the health of our Academy families.

We decided that the only way we could feel comfortable with in-person workshops this year would be to err on the side of caution – something that many other organizations are doing as well (e.g Stratford Festival, National Arts Centre).

That being said we are also concerned with respecting people’s individual rights, and have reviewed carefully  the Ontario Human Rights Commission policy on this subject ( ), which tips the scales towards the concern for public health in the case of a pandemic situation.

Given that we are not in any way an essential service, and, as well, that there are many other day camp opportunities available in Ottawa, and that the OHRC views mandatory vaccination to be a reasonable policy when the health of others may be affected, we have decided to maintain up-to-date vaccinations as a strict requirement for participation in our programs.

Should the Academy workshop programs be unable to proceed in-person due to mandatory Health Canada COVID-19 regulations, we will be prepared to pivot to an online program, utilizing the same shows, which will run virtually from July 11 through August 19, 2022.  We regret that we are unable to offer refunds should this situation occur, but will, as always, do everything in our power to make our programs magical and exciting within the given COVID-19 restrictions.  Thank you for your understanding, and for helping our company continue to be able to offer epic programs for years to come.

Covid Safety at the Academy:

~ Costumes:  Each student will receive a t-shirt, which is theirs to keep, and be asked to wear their own black pants and shoes from home.  Each student will have a chance to add exciting pieces from our costume collection to their ensemble, which will be carefully washed and only worn by them.

~ Microphones:  We will not be using individual hand-held microphones this year, but will amplify the show through floor and ceiling mics placed around the stage.

~ Masking:  We will be following Health Canada guidelines on masking for both the workshops and the final performances.

~ Vaccine requirements for staff and students

~ Large, ventilated space with limited participants:  We will keep safe distances between students in our large, ventilated theatre, and will limit numbers of participants to Health Canada guidelines.

~ Participants will sit in the audience, and not in the small dressing room, during performances.

~ Final performances will be limited to audience sizes recommended by Health Canada, and we will revert to video taping the final performances if live performances are not possible.

~ Sanitizing:  Academy staff will carefully and thoroughly clean and sanitize all high-traffic surfaces.

~ Daily Covid checks for all staff and students

~  We will continue to monitor and adhere to all Health Canada guidelines as they are announced.

 Our goal is to keep each other safe – we are fully committed to this!

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