Academy Covid-19 Policy – Summer 2021

The show must go on!

The Academy for Musical Theatre has a commitment to the safety and peace of mind of all our students, families, and staff. In consideration of the rapidly evolving situation around Covid-19, the Academy is excited to explore new exciting and creative ways to deliver our upcoming workshops during this time. The Academy staff are fully devoted to ensuring that each show remains something magical and uplifting for your special stars despite the circumstances.

We are currently offering our Summer 2021 “One Magic Summer” workshop as a unique hybrid in-person and online experience for our students, creating an opportunity to be physically active through acting and dance, form a community through interactive rehearsals, and a chance to be creative as students make costumes, sing, create characters, and have an amazing time together!

We take Covid-19 safety precautions very seriously, and are completely committed to keeping our students and staff safe.  When conducing the in-person elements of the workshop, namely the individual auditions and the small group final performances, the following Covid-19 safety precautions will be in place (please note that these are continuously evolving with Health Canada regulations – please check this page for regular updates):

  • Physical distancing of students and staff
  • Minimal numbers (below Health Canada guidelines) of students/staff in the building at one time
  • Allocated washrooms, which will be disinfected after each use
  • Contact-less registration, pick-up and drop-off procedures
  • In all cases and at all times – only students & staff will be permitted into the building
  • Staggered arrival/ departure times to eliminate congestion
  • Health checks for staff & students
  • Available hand sanitizer, wipes and extra masks
  • Enhanced facility cleaning
  • Masks to be worn in all public areas and upon arrival / departure by students and staff
  • All singing, once permitted indoors, will be conducted into a contact-less floor mic, and not into shared handheld microphones
  • Students will bring and wear their own individual costumes, makeup and props – these will not be shared

We hope that our amazing workshops bring light and creative sparks into our lives and community during these difficult times. We are continuously monitoring the situation as it evolves, but rest assured that our team are fully committed to providing you with an epic experience for your family no matter what – the show must, and will, go on!  We hope you are all as excited as we are to begin an epic new adventure with each fun show!  Please be safe, be positive, and can’t wait to see you all soon!

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