“One-week Workshop”      June 29 – July 3, 2020

What are the rules?

Since its release back in 2006, Disney’s High School Musical has been a firm favourite for its memorable characters, upbeat soundtrack and dance routines. Troy, Gabriella and the students of East High deal with issues of love, friends and family while balancing their classes and extra curricular activities. The show’s infectious, danceable songs never fail to engage performers and audiences alike.


It’s a modern fantasy love story set in an Arizona High School, where math geek Gabriella falls for basketball star Troy. The two bond over a shared love of singing, but it looks as if talent and true love will be thwarted by the need to conform to their peer groups. Of course the pair do escape their cliques and win the leads in the high school musical, in the process winning over the resident drama queen Sharpay. The message of High School Musical is be true to yourself.


It’s the first day after winter break at East High. The Jocks, Brainiacs, Thespians and Skater Dudes all find their cliques. The “status quo” is threatened when two students break the “rules” and break down barriers..


High School Musical

Book by
David Simpatico
Songs by
Matthew Gerrard
Songs by
Bryan Louiselle, Faye Greenberg, David N. Lawrence, Greg Cham, Robbie Nevil, Ray Cham, Andrew Seeley, Randy Petersen, Kevin Quinn, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd, Jamie Houston
Music Adapted, Arranged and Produced by
Bryan Louiselle
Based on a Disney Channel Original Movie written by
Peter Barsocchini

Workshop Details

June 29 – July 3, 2020

(Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Ages: 8-16

Performance:  Friday,  July 3 at 7:00 pm

Workshop and Final performance location: 

St. Paul’s United Church, 25 Gore St.W., Perth

Fees: $310 (includes all workshop materials, script, and costume – HST exempt)


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