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This a very special year for the Stratford Festival as they open the brand new Tom Patterson Theatre Centre. 


Irresistible – that’s the only way to describe the variety, quality and excitement that make up the Stratford Festival’s 2020 season.

First, there is our stunning new Tom Patterson Theatre, with ravishingly beautiful public spaces and gardens. Its halls, bars and café will be filled throughout the season with music, comedy nights, panel discussions and outstanding speakers to make our Festival even more festive.

In the wake of an election in Canada, and in anticipation of one in the U.S., our season explores the theme of Power. Recent years have seen a growing acceptance of the naked use of power. Brute force is in vogue on the world stage, from international trade to immigration and the arms race – and, closer to home, in elections, in the workplace and even in social media engagements. Through comedy, tragedy, song, dance and farce, the plays and musicals of our 2020 season explore the dynamics of power in society, politics, art, gender and family life.

In our new Tom Patterson Theatre, we present the two plays that launched the Stratford adventure in 1953: All’s Well That Ends Well and Richard III. The new venue is also home to a new musical, Here’s What It Takes; a new movement-based creation, Frankenstein Revived; and a series of improvisational performances – each one unique and unrepeatable – called An Undiscovered Shakespeare.

 But the fun isn’t all confined to one theatre. Our historic Festival Theatre showcases two of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Much Ado About Nothing and Hamlet, as well as Molière’s brilliant satire The Miser and the first major new production in decades of the mischievous musical Chicago.

At our Avon Theatre, you can enjoy a completely different kind of musical, the side-splitting Monty Python’s Spamalot, along with the family favourite Wendy & Peter Pan and the political thriller Wolf Hall, based on Hilary Mantel’s bestseller.

And the Studio Theatre is home to a delightful new play, Hamlet-911; a modern American classic, Three Tall Women; and an Indigenous classic, The Rez Sisters.

The Stratford Festival team has been working for years to achieve this 2020 vision. And now we are proud to unveil a dazzling new theatre, fifteen sparkling new productions and some three hundred Meighen Forum events to delight you. We hope to make you laugh and move you as never before.

So, come, taste the invigorating and intoxicating elixir of Power!

How can you resist?

— Antoni Cimolino, Artistic Director



A spectral visitor from beyond the grave lays a heavy burden on Prince Hamlet: the command to avenge his father’s murder. It’s a mission that the grief-stricken son fervently vows to undertake, yet seems mysteriously unable to accomplish. Are rational doubt and lack of opportunity all that prevent him – or do other impediments to action lie buried deep within himself?

Directed by Peter Pasyk, the play’s cast includes Amaka Umeh  as Prince Hamlet, Graham Abbey, Andrea Rankin, Kaleb Alexander, Michael Spencer-Davis, Maev Beaty, and Jakob Ehman.


Donna Feore’s reimagined production of Chicago – the first major production outside of New York and London in 30 years – will feature Dan Chameroy as shady lawyer Billy Flynn, with Chelsea Preston and Jennifer Rider-Shaw lighting up the stage as aspiring chorus girl Roxie Hart and vaudeville star Velma Kelly, respectively.

The cast also features Sandra Caldwell as matron Mama Morton and Steve Ross as Amos Hart, Roxie’s faithful husband.

Also in the cast are: Robert Markus, Eric Abel, Gabriel Antonacci, Devon Michael Brown, Colton Curtis, Amanda De Freitas, Henry Firmston, Bonnie Jordan, Heather Kosik, Bethany Kovarik, Jordan Mah, Amanda Mattar, Allison McCaughey, Lily McEvenue, Chad McFadden, Genny Sermonia, and Jason Sermonia.

Wendy & Peter Pan

Cynthia Jimenez-Hicks and Jake Runeckles will play the title roles in Wendy & Peter Pan, the 2020 Schulich Children’s Play, directed by Keira Loughran  and choreographed by Allen Kaeja. The production will mark the North American première of this imaginative retelling of J.M. Barrie’s classic family story.

On their Neverland adventure, Wendy and Peter will encounter a wild cast of characters including Captain Hook, played by Laura Condlln, and Tiger Lily, played by Tara Sky.

Also in the cast are: Carla Bennett, Caryn Chappell, Aidan deSalaiz, Rodney Diverlus, Josh Doig, Camille Eanga-Selenge, Ryan Gifford, Eddie Glen, Josh Graetz, George Krissa, Heather McGuigan, André Morin, Marcus Nance, Trevor Patt and Mateo Galindo Torres.


The Miser

By Molière


Siblings Eleanor and Charlie know that their widowed father, a paranoid old skinflint named Harper, won’t approve of their romantic choices – and what that’ll mean for their inheritances. And their plights only get worse when Harper announces startling marital plans of his own. Can nothing be done, for love or money? Or is there some way to have both?

Antoni Cimolino directs this classic Molière piece, newly revised by Ranjit Bolt, which features the incomparable Colm Feore, along with Jessica B. Hill, Jamie Mac, Ron Kennell, Steve Ross, Qasim Khan, and Brigit Wilson.


All’s Well That Ends Well


Having worked a seemingly miraculous cure on the painfully afflicted King of France, Helena, an orphaned doctor’s daughter, claims as her reward the hand of Bertram, the young lord she adores. But he so despises her that she’d need another miracle to win his heart. Still, Helena’s no quitter, and she knows a trick or two to get what she wants.

Directed by Scott Wentworth, the play features Jessica B. Hill, Seana McKenna, Ben Carlson, and Tom Rooney.

Trip Packages:

We are offering 3 pricing options this year.

Option #1

Includes luxury coach transportation to and from Stratford from Perth, tickets for 5 performances (premium “A” seating for 3 matinees, and “C” seating for 2 evening musicals), 2 nights at the Arden Park Hotel with 2 breakfasts (double-occupancy), and attendance at Stratford Festival special events.

$725.00 per adult

(plus 13% HST = $819.25)

Option #2

(for students)

Includes luxury coach transportation to and from Stratford from Perth, tickets for 5 performances (premium “A” seating for 3 matinees, and “C” seating for 2 evening musicals), 2 nights at the Arden Park Hotel with 2 breakfasts (double-occupancy), and attendance at Stratford Festival special events.

$649.00 per student

(plus 13% HST = $733.37)

Option #3

Includes luxury coach transportation to and from Stratford from Perth, premium “A” seating for 3 matinee performances, 2 nights at the Arden Park Hotel with 2 breakfasts (double-occupancy), and attendance at Stratford Festival special events.

Plus guaranteed premium “A” seating at the two evening musical performances (Chicago & Here’s What It Takes).

$800.00 per adult

(plus 13% HST = $904.00)

Please note that in order to guarantee your trip space, we do need to have the full trip fees paid at time of registration.

There are no refunds available, but if you are unable to attend for some reason, your trip may be transferred to another person, at your discretion.


Hear what people are saying about past trips:

“I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful Stratford trip.  My poor friends who didn’t get to go now have to listen to me exude joy and euphoria about the amazing time I had.  Everything you planned and included in this adventure worked together to make the whole trip absolutely fabulous.”

“The workshop, the Q&A sessions, the costume warehouse visit all enhanced the experience of the performances  – as well as having a whole busload of people to share the experience with. I sure do want to go next year!”

“It was expertly planned with consideration for everyone’s personal needs and preferences.”

“There were no details lacking and I feel privileged to have this very special opportunity. Thanks so much Heidi!”

A really great experience – the price is unbeatable – but the best part is going to theatre with a group of theatre junkies! Please know that I appreciate all

the work you put into this trip – it’s a terrific experience.  Wouldn’t miss it for the world!


We hope to see you there for the best trip ever!!!


Our Annual Stratford Festival Tour – A Great Deal on a Cultural Jewel!

We love the Stratford Festival. It is one of Canada’s cultural jewels – world-class in every aspect.

And we love sharing our love for the Festival, introducing people to this fabulous institution, and providing an affordable way to all to partake.

Over the years we have developed a great relationship with the Festival’s Groups and Schools department which enables us to offer these tours at such great prices. We have calculated what it would cost for any one of us to take a similar trip and determined that it would total anywhere between $1,250 and $1,600, depending on mode of transportation.

Plus, our trip includes fun videos tailored to our show program, quizzes with prizes, a trip booklet with show information, meeting with actors or technicians backstage, and many more perks!

As well, traveling with several old and new theatre friends is, of course, priceless!

Your continued support and enthusiasm ensures that we can keep providing this unique opportunity, while also supporting a supremely important Canadian cultural institution.

Thank you!!

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