Welcome to our annual Stratford Festival Tour!

As you know the Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on our society, not the least of which on the arts industry, and our beloved Stratford Festival.

As you may know, the Festival has had to cancel its amazing 2020 season.

As a consequence we had planned to host our tour to a later date in 2021. Unfortunately, this did not seem feasible, and so we now planning to bring back our amazing tour in 2022.

As usual, this will be an epic experience – we’ll all just have to wait a bit longer for it.
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

~ Heidi & Peter


For twenty-one years we have been hosting group tours to this amazing Canadian treasure. 

As always, our upcoming trip will be a life changing experience, and will help to support this incredible icon of Canadian performing arts.

All ages are welcome, from 5 to 105!

We particularly encourage students to join us.  A trip fee discount is offered as an incentive, and a certain number of trip spaces will be reserved for students to experience this incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s leading actors and theatre professionals.

Be a part of this iconic Canadian celebration!



Our Annual Stratford Festival Tour – A Great Deal on a Cultural Jewel!

We love the Stratford Festival. It is one of Canada’s cultural jewels – world-class in every aspect.

And we love sharing our love for the Festival, introducing people to this fabulous institution, and providing an affordable way to all to partake.

Over the years we have developed a great relationship with the Festival’s Groups and Schools department which enables us to offer these tours at such great prices. We have calculated what it would cost for any one of us to take a similar trip and determined that it would total anywhere between $1,250 and $1,600, depending on mode of transportation.

Plus, our trip includes fun videos tailored to our show program, quizzes with prizes, a trip booklet with show information, meeting with actors or technicians backstage, and many more perks!

As well, traveling with several old and new theatre friends is, of course, priceless!

Your continued support and enthusiasm ensures that we can keep providing this unique opportunity, while also supporting a supremely important Canadian cultural institution.

Thank you!!

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