We take the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously, and while we want to insure a fun experience for all, everyone’s safety comes first.  Always.

During the live auditions, there would be a maximum 4 staff members present in the theatre – each safely distanced from each other and from the student – all 5 people in the theatre will never come within 10 feet of each other.  One staff member will open the door to the student, then stay a safe distance away, showing the student in and out of the theatre, while the rest of the staff members would be spaced far apart in the audience.  All staff members will be masked and gloved.  Students will be encouraged to use (provided) hand sanitizer on entering the theatre.

The microphone used will be a floor mic, not a handheld, thus there is no chance of contamination from holding, or singing into, a shared mic.

There will be no props or set pieces onstage- the stage will be wide open and free of contaminants, and the stage floor will be disinfected between students’ auditions.

No student will be permitted to use the washroom facilities at the theatre, for everyone’s safety. 

Similar protocols will be employed for the final performance, and will be released in more detail once the format of the final performance is known, according to government health and safety regulations.

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