July 2 to August 14, 2021

Our celebratory production of “One Magic Summer” will pay homage to the long isolation we have all felt through this difficult past year.  But we are strong – we shine bright – we are glorious!  Let’s sing, act and dance our way out of the darkness, and into hope – together!

“One Magic Summer” is an epic compilation show of four extraordinary productions:  “Hamilton,” “Wicked,” “Frozen 2” and “The Greatest Showman.”  Each section of the show will feature a few of the most memorable songs from the production, as well as a few select scenes, and heart-pounding choreography!




“Hamilton” is the story of America then, told by America now. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and show tunes, “Hamilton” has taken the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton and created a revolutionary moment in theater–a musical that has had a profound impact on culture, politics, and education.

We will meet such epic characters as the Schuyler sisters, Aaron Burr, George Washington, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and many more!

“One Magic Summer” will contain the songs “My Shot,” “Alexander Hamilton,” “Helpless,” “Satisfied,” “Wait for It” and others, pending royalty negotiations.  TBA!

Book and Music by Lin-Manuel Miranda
Performed with permission from Hal Leonard Corporation and SOCAN




A vivid reimagining of the classic The Wizard of Oz, “Wicked” spotlights the untold story of Oz’s most infamous character, the Wicked Witch of the West, or, Elphaba, along with a cast of colourful iconic characters, including Glinda, Nessarose, Fiyero, Boq, The Wizard, and many more!

As Elphaba, a passionate political activist if there ever was one, fights injustice and seeks to undo the mistakes of the past, dark secrets and personal tragedies shape the history of Oz, paying homage to the classic story while simultaneously changing fans’ understanding of it forever, revealing that there are indeed two sides to every story.

“One Magic Summer” features the songs “No one Mourns the Wicked,” “The Wizard and I,” “One Short Day,” “For Good,” “Finale” and the iconic “Defying Gravity.”

Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Book by Winnie Holzman
Performed with permission from Hal Leonard Corporation





American entertainer, Phineas Taylor Barnum, will always be remembered as the man with the gift to blur the line between reality and fiction. Thirsty for innovation and hungry for success, this son of a tailor manages to develop a unique and peculiar show that introduces the public to extraordinary, never-before-seen live acts on the circus stage. We meet such incredible and brave characters as Charity Barnum (PT’s wife and inspiration), Anne Wheeler (a trapeze artist), Lettie Lutz (the Bearded Lady), Philip Carlyle (a young upstart), General Tom Thumb, and many more! In the end, Barnum must face the choice of “respectability” or his circus “family.”

Featuring some of the most powerful music ever written (the soundtrack spent 28 weeks at #1 on the pop charts), and with colourful, sparkling circus costumes and characters, and captivating choreography this final section of our show will be an epic grand finale.

“One Magic Summer” will feature the songs “The Greatest Show,” “A Million Dreams,” “This Is Me” and “Come Alive.”

Music by Benj Pasek, Justin Paul & Ryan Lewis
Book by Jenny Hicks & Bill Condon
Performed with permission from Hal Leonard Corporation


Queen Elsa now rules the peaceful kingdom of Arendelle, enjoying a happy life with her sister, Princess Anna. However, a melodious voice haunts Elsa, luring her to the mystical enchanted forest that her father told her and Anna about a long time ago. Unable to resist the alluring call, Elsa, along with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven summons up the courage to follow the voice into the unknown, intent on finding answers in a perpetually misty woodland realm regarding the inexplicable imbalance that is hurting not only her kingdom but also the neighboring tribe of Northuldra. Can Queen Elsa put her legendary magical skills to good use to restore peace and stability?

“One Magic Summer” will include the songs “All Is Found,” “Into the Unknown,” “Lost in the Woods,” “Show Yourself,” “Some Things Never Change” and “When I Am Older.”

 Music and lyrics by Christophe Beck
Book by Jennifer Lee
Performed with permission from Hal Leonard Corporation

Students may choose to register for either the “All-Ages Program” (ages 6 – 16) or the “Advanced Teen Program” (Ages 12 – 18).

Both programs will rehearse and perform the same “One Magic Summer” show, but the Advanced Teen workshop is designed to offer a higher level of instruction for students who have had considerable musical theatre experience, and would like a greater challenge.

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