Parents are universally impressed with our programs, with the effect they have on their children (sometimes transformational):  the improvement in their skills and their confidence levels, and with the high quality of the accomplishments the children display in the final performances.

Here is a typical sample of the many comments we receive from parents:

“Each group of kids year after year benefits from your vision, passion and commitment. There may be easier ways to make a living and more “glamorous” ones but none more beneficial to the kids, their families and our society as a whole.” –Mark from Winnipeg

“It did my heart good to see Sophie up there on stage in front of a crowd singing and dancing – something that I never thought I’d see 6 months ago. I think that just by doing that, Sophie has more confidence in herself and it will help her deal with other issues.” —Jane from Perth

“What an immense difference Heidi and PAMT have made to Chloe’s life — her singing has improved so much and more importantly her confidence in herself and her creativity. You would never know from this video how painfully shy she was at 7 or 8. I am so grateful to Heidi for being such an inspiring teacher.” —Anne from Carleton Place

“Heidi’s theatre experience is incredible! She provides a fun, dynamic, supportive, and positive environment where kids can have a blast, be focused, and come away with an immense sense of accomplishment. Thanks Heidi and crew!” —Sarah from Perth


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